My new Rowan magazine arrived this week and whilst I am not too chuffed with the patterns in this edition one thing did catch my eye; The new Rowan organic cotton range!  I went to town on Weds and bought some.  The colours are just gorgeous and everything is dyed with organic plant dyes.  I would like to know what mordents they use though as some are more harmful to the environment than others.  I think this is exactly what we need from a major company like Rowan though.  Let’s hope eventually everything we knit with will be organic – I can hope can’t I?!?!?

This is Eco Eric, the pattern for him comes with a free leaflet that Rowan are giving out.


And here are the full range of colours.


Our local John Lewis didn’t have all of the colours but it had about 4 out of the 8 available.  I bough one ball of each of the Yellowwood and Natural.  They are a little pricey though at £4.25 a ball, I think the normal cotton is about £3.50 a ball! Now I just have to decide what to knit with it!

Written by Sarah



I would like specific directions for Eco eric. Are they available?


I’m afraid it was a free leaflet supplied by Rowan so as far as I know it’s not in any pattern book. You could try searching on the Knit Rowan website though or contacting them for details. Good Luck! x

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