I started knitting dishcloths when I bought the Knitorama book last year. Since then I have only knit about 5 or 6 but I absolutely LOVE using them. I thought it was about time I took a pic of my beloved cloths so here is a picture of my first (far left), one I knit a few months ago (middle) and one I finished this morning (far right). They wash beautifully and age so natually! They are also the toughest dishcloth I have used in a long time – no holes in these guys! They have all been knit using craft cotton which I bought from Atkinsons in Sheffield. I can get about 3 dishcloths from each ball of 99p cotton which is great – I do the colours with left over bits of coloured cotton.Also I have just started another dishcloth design from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. I ordered the Peaches & Creme yarn for these dishcloths from Ebay about a year ago in two lovely colours; Apple Green and Strawberry and Cream. Here is the cloth I am knitting in Strawberry and Cream:It’s a nice easy pattern to knit but the effect is really great. Here is a close up:

Written by Sarah



That peaches and creme is just what I’m looking for – did you get it in the UK? I’m having fun finding it! Beautiful work :-)


I found mine on ebay actually – I bought it from a seller in the US who had a massive supply of different colours and types. That was a couple of years ago now – maybe it’s a little easier to find now – good luck with your search!


hi sarah, this is so odd. I just had a thought tonight about knitting dishcloths and wanted coloured cotton. Your site came up – we met in shef before christmas when i was with catherine? small world gets smaller….


How weird, Hi Liz, how are you? The huge knitting/crafty world of the internet seems so small sometimes! x


What make is the coloured dishcloth cotton that you buy in Sheffield, I don’t think my local wool shop has anything except white or ecru. Do please let me know.


HI Nicole, the yarn is peaches and Creme and I bought it off ebay, I’ve never seen any coloured dishcloth cotton in Sheffield, unless you just want to buy colour Rowan or Debbie Bliss cotton which they sell in John Lewis but it’s quite expensive! Try looking on ebay, I got my peaches and creme from someone in the UK but it’s mainly from sellers in the USA.
Thanks x

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