Life does throw the strangest things at you sometimes doesn’t it?  This week has been particularly trying, a member of hubby’s family is very ill in hospital.  Mainly we’ve been waiting for phone-call updates and trying to get on with things to take our minds off it for a while.  We’ve both turned our minds to the practical things so it’s been all about putting shelves up and hubby going to visit the allotment when he’s feeling particularly low.  My cold has returned with a vengeance too so I’m trying to keep that at bay.

We hit a slight snag with the shelves though, we appear to have the toughest brick in the world and it’s beaten back our poor little drill.  Reinforcements are arriving this afternoon in the form of my dad’s hammer drill!  Until then we’re going to form a little production line and make up lots of mirrors and generally just try and keep each other cheery whilst we wait for more news.  I’m so glad that I’m on holiday from work at the moment, it’s so much easier both of us being at home and being able to help each other keep our minds off things.

The shelves going up will signal a huge move forward to my ‘workroom perfection’ so I’ll post some pictures if we manage to get the shelves up tomorrow.  xx

Written by Sarah

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