It’s hubby’s birthday today so it’s been a day of present giving so far. I gave him a subscription to Make magazine and printed him a t-shirt with an astroboy print, he loved them both!  We’re off out in a bit to go to our favourite cafe for lunch and then a little wander down Eccy Road.

I also had some deliveries today so it’s felt like my birthday too (although that’s not for another month!).

My fibrecrafts delivery arrived which is amazingly quick, I’m really happy with their service.

In the end I ordered some of the speedy stamps, some cutting blades, transfer pencil and a couple of magazines.  I can’t wait to have a play with the stamps later on, I’ll try my hand at carving when we get back, something simple to start me off I think!

Then the postman brought a little packet from America which contained lots of cute puggies.  I thought I’d use them as the very first Spotlight section on my blog:

Spotlight – Melissa Langer, Pugnotes

We bought these adorable cards from Etsy last week.  They are cards based on paintings by a great artist called Melissa Langer.  Visit her website here.  I came across Melissa’s work about 4 few years ago when we got Lola, I just fell in love with her pictures because they really capture the looks that pugs have, their facial expressions and everything about them!  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to buy something from Pugnotes, I think the arrival of Etsy has worked it’s wonder here.  This is Melissa’s Etsy shop.  We decided to send everyone these as Christmas cards this year, I love sending pug Christmas cards and these are by far the best I’ve seen.  The quality is fantastic and the prints are just adorable.  Melissa also does portraits of other dogs too and has lots of different products available, take a peek.

Well, I’d better go and get ready to go out, have a nice day everyone. x

Written by Sarah



Ahhh I’ve not seen these before, are they similar to Lino? I’m mid making of some stamps too for xmas cards & it’s quite difficult to get those nitty bits out but I’m hoping it will be worth like yours were!

I Pinned you on dawanda too, lovely products!


Thank you so much for your compliment!
The stamps blocks are a little similar to lino but much easier to use, I’d really recommend them.
Good luck with your Xmas cards!

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