It’s only day 2 and I am so bored sat at home!  I’m definitely a doer as opposed to a ‘rester’.  Whenever I’m ill I always get like this, a lot of people always say they enjoy the rest but I don’t, I feel so useless.   I’m now on some fab pain killers and I’ve also been given a really good anti-inflammatory by my doctor which has made such a difference.  From not being able to put any weight down on my left leg at all I can now walk a bit and stand up for a bit without falling over!  The tablets have made me feel a bit dizzy though but it’s better than the mind numbing pain.  What modern medicine can do eh? (I’m one of those ‘hate taking tablet’ people by the way!)

Yesterday I had to miss our monthly Craft Candy meeting, I love being able to go and have a good natter with everyone so I was hugely disappointed to be left at home.  Also I’ve had to cancel the Apples and Pears event this Saturday in Nottingham which I was really looking forward to, even if I am walking properly by then I can’t carry anything so wont be able to get my suitcase full of stock on and off a train to Nottingham (it’s times like this that being in business with someone else looks really appealing!!)

Another bit of bad news yesterday was that me and the hubby didn’t get the joint studio we applied for.  I didn’t think we would to be honest but I think that’s because I’m always a pessimist with these things – hubby is much more optimistic!  We’re both really disappointed as the large studios don’t come up very often and we think that was probably the only chance we’d have to be able to share a studio.  Hubby had a lovely plan that we could bring the pugs in and that it would mean we’d be able to have such a nicer way of life.  I think one of the hardest things about us both being self employed and working all the time is that the pugs don’t get to spend as much time with us.  Also we’re both really pushed for space in both our studios, hubby has such limited space as his studio is smaller than mine.  My studio is quite a decent size but it’s quickly getting too small as my business expands, it’s also only a temporary space.  This isn’t something I really think about all that much (or try not to) but the worse case scenario is that in 18 months time I have no studio and my business can’t continue.  Unfortunately there will be no way I’ll be able to go back to working from home.  I might be able to if I still lived in our old house which was much bigger but now that we’re downsizing again with our new house purchase it’s not an option as our new house is teeny tiny!

So what do I do now?  Now I make lots of plans and lists!  With the thought of a larger studio definitely off the cards I have to find a way to make my current studio work a bit more effective.  I’m still following my original plan which is to be able to print up fabric by the metre, the first hurdle was not being able to have larger screens because I couldn’t wash them out. That meant a washout booth which I now have – yay!  That then led to larger screens – I ordered my first a few weeks ago.  The last hurdle for now is making my table larger – it can’t be too large because obviously it wont fit but I’ll make it as large as I can at least!

I’m off to draw a plan on illustrator right now!

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You poor thing! Sorry to read that you’re poorly. Hope the tablets work and you soon feel better. x

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