Today I was back at work (enough said on that matter!) but yesterday I had a day of luxury.  I met my sister and my niece Lizzie for a little wander down Eccy Road and what a lovely day it was.  An especially lovely day for showing off my new hairdo!

First we went in one of my favourite shops, Jencel, a great little bead shop that I have been shopping in for about 12 or 13 years!  Unfortunately we found that it’s closing down!  I can’t believe it’s closing after 11 years on Eccy Road and a few before that in the Forum.  As a bright eyed little 15 year old I purchased my first velvet jacket (all the range believe me!) at Freshmans which opened up a shop upstairs in the Forum, I then used to cross the floor to just round the corner to Jencel’s stall to buy my beads for making those annoying friendship bracelets.  Remember those?  It made me all nostalgic to see that Jencel was closing down.  They are still selling online though so I’ll be able to get my beads that way but it’s not the same as gazing longingly at all those rows of beads in there little shallow wooden trays.  I went in for some key-ring loops and a pair of earring rings so I bought those.  I didn’t feel like hunting around for a last minute bargain in all the beads though, I was feeling a little sad I guess!

After that me, sis and Lizzie went to Inside, a lovely little shop on Sharrowvale Road who have started selling a great range by a Korean company called o-check.  Here is what I bought…


Isn’t it lovely?  I got a travel journal which has lots of different drawings and sketches over it’s pages (all travel themed of course) and also little envelopes to store all your travel tickets, museum stubs in.  Such a good idea!  Then I bought the I love you stamp set which is just adorable.  Both of these me and the hubby decided to get as a joint anniversary pressie to each other.  I sense a lot of stamped notes will start being left all over the house. I think we’ll use the journal next time we go away.  Hubby spent 6 months living in South Korea and so loves anything from there, the graphics on both are just fantastic and he says typical of all things cute from South Korea.

Here’s how my Eccy Road journey finished…

Fancie cupcake

A Fancie cupcake from Cocoa on Ecclesall Road.  I’d never been to Cocoa but had to made the trip in order to fulfill my cupcake need.  You all know how much I ADORE Amanda’s cupcakes so I’d better not talk about it any more or my keyboard will get clogged up with dribble (sorry!).  Get yourself down to Cocoa and treat yourself!  My sister bought a gorgeous vanilla one with a rose on top – it looked too good to eat but she managed!  I can’t believe that I managed to resist eating the cupcake long enough to take a decent picture of it!  Cocoa was an absolutely gorgeous shop!  Everything looked fantastic, the shop was full to the brim of chocolate and sweets and a peer around the corner revealed a lovely looking lounge.  The hubby has agreed that we are allowed a cupcake treat from there at least once a fortnight – yippee!

My day of luxury then continued in to town for lunch with my mum and a wander round the shops, there should be more days like those.

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