Today’s theme is a ‘Day in the Life’ so here for you is my day told in photographs from 6am to 8pm.

The day started with the usual morning slug check in the garden (thankfully I didn’t find any) and once I was in the studio the day continued with – rolling up the last print run of fabric, printing a custom order of 75 Knitting notebooks, packaging up orders and getting stock ready for my BIG SALE.  I also got to have a nosey at yesterday’s fabulous chair purchase and devise a plan for re-upholstering them plus my Moo business cards arrived, Oh Happy Day!


* Can you spot Lola begging for a bit of my lunch at midday? This happens EVERY mealtime.

Today was actually a little unusual as I was rather naughty and had my hair cut this morning, and me and Lola have had a rather late day due to Owen being at an exhibition opening.  So whilst he supped wine and mingled with Sheffield’s metalwork royalty, we got to play loud music in the studio, do some printing and eat cornflake flapjacks.

Written by Sarah



Thank you for a glimpse into your day =) Lola looks so cute sitting there, begging for food!


P.S.: I have not forgotten you! In fact I started writing you a letter today and will finish tomorrow (and the letter explains why it has taken me so annoyingly long to answer…). I hope you’re not angry with me =(


Your day is so pretty looking! The chairs look awesome too – great find :)


Maike, I’m so happy to hear from you and of course I’m not angry :) I was worried you might be poorly or something like that so it’s lovely to hear from you and I look forward to receiving your letter xx


Hi Angie, thank you very much! I’ve fallen completely in love with the chairs too, I can’t wait to start work on them :)

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