I got featured on Cuteable yesterday.  I must admit I hadn’t heard of it before and only knew because the person who featured me sent me a message on Dawanda to tell me, isn’t that nice!

It was a post about cute purses and my coin purses were featured:

The site looks really nice, it’s a treasure trove of all the cutest finds on the internet (if I do say so myself!)  I love sites like that because some really lovely things get lost in the huge internet don’t they?  This is a way of recognising people who may get overlooked from time to time I guess.

Well, I’m back to work today (still with a bit of a stomach ache but feeling much better) but tomorrow I have a lot of lovely things to do and I hope the weather will be nice.  I’m meeting my friend Emma and we’re off to visit the Millennium Galleries to see the Christmas Crackers exhibition and then to visit the Affordable Vintage fair which is also at the Millennium.  Then it’s off to Bank Street to see their Christmas fair and have a nosey around at their new studios.  I always get really excited when a new studio space opens (Bank Street have only been open since Spring I think), it’d great to see such exciting art and craft related things happening right here in my home town.  Next exciting thing – Craft Candy Spring Fair and workshops!

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