I’ve decided it’s about time I did another Cuddly pug design, don’t you think? All the designs are based on drawings I did for my pug jewellery back in 2006, I turned them in to Cuddly Pugs in 2008 as a cute little extra for my shop but they proved so popular I’ve been selling them ever since. I drew 5 pug designs originally but the remaining 3 have only been used for my jewellery and not turned into cute Cuddly Pugs – this is their chance though!

Vote for your favourite design and the most popular will be turned in to the next cute Cuddly Pug, I’ll then pick out one person at random from all the entries and that person wins the winning design!

Just leave a comment on this blog to enter and choose one number, don’t forget to leave your name and add your email address to the appropriate box so I can get in touch with you (don’t worry that wont be displayed!)

Good luck – the competition ends next Monday 5th July!

Written by Sarah


Debra Evans

I think that No 2 would make a lovely cuddly pug Sarah. My little boy has gone mad on pugs at the moment and watches Gok’s show just so that he can see Brix Smith-Start with her two little pugs – lol. x


I think all your designs are lovely but think number 3 is particularly adorable so I will have to vote for that!

Kerry x


hello…crikey, it’s a tough one. hmm…i think number 3 has a very cute look on his face. but also you have already done full length pugs, so maybe it would be nice to have just a cute cuddly pug face? in which case i say number 2! but if i have have HAVE to choose a favourite, it’s number 3! haha hope that helps! jx


Number 1 is my favourite – he/she looks most in need of a cuddle – irresistable :-)

Megan Grace

They are all so sweet but number one is my favourite.

Meg x


Number 3! He was born to be a star, just look at him showing his best side! Very cute.

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