I thought I’d give a little update on my personal crafting 365 efforts.  Here is what I’ve made so far since the 24th January – today is day 18. Have a look at my photos here.

Day 1 Dad’s sock pouch
Day 2 Start of sewing case
Day 3 Badges
Day 4 Sewing case
Day 5 Dolly dress
Day 6 Bag
Day 7 Start of halter neck
Day 8 Start of hot water bottle cover
Day 9 Start of gloves
Day 10 Gloves continued
Day 11 Painted knitting needles
Day 12 Blanket box
Day 13 Sublime Stitching
Day 14 Zip cases
Day 15 Felt monster
Day 16 Pin Cushion
Day 17 Halter Neck continued
Day 18 Winter Hat
Day 19 Start of Gretel 

Written by Sarah

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