There is a lot of waiting at the moment, waiting for my HUGE screens and squeegees to arrive and of course, waiting on the fabric delivery but I have a lot to keep me busy whilst all of that is ticking along nicely in the background.

My most important job at the moment is working on the colours for my new fabrics and I can’t shout enough about how much I love doing this.  I love the choosing just the right colours to complement each other and I also adore mixing the colours, it’s always thrilling as it’s such an experiment.  I work using only yellow, red, blue and black and I mix my colours from those 4 pigments.  I could get more base inks but I’ve always tried to keep the cost down when buying inks and plus it’s so much fun to mix the colours myself.  I’ve been putting together a mood board using some of my favourite colours for my autumn/winter choices, some of these will make definitely make it into my autumn/collection.

Colour Inspiration Board on Pinterest

Autumn/Winter Board on Pinterest

Written by Sarah


Roslyn Moreton

Great to hear all is coming together. and looking forward to seeing your next stages.Very interesting to hear that you start from the basic pigments and mix your own colours. Must make it more interesting for if you were experimenting with ratios your colours are endless. A very traditional way of working which makes your work even more unique. Do you keep records of your colours for repeats. What is the longest colour run that you are able to achieve.
Best wishes


Hi Roslyn, yes I do keep records of all of my colour combinations so that I can recreate any colour I use but I do mix up very large tubs of ink ready for the job so I can do a lot of fabric with one mix. Depending on how many pieces of fabric I think I want to print up though this can change, it’s nice to be able to offer some colours in limited runs sometimes :)

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