They certainly do spread diseases!  I’m still feeling pretty crappy today but I’m trying to pull myself together to get a little work done today, inbetween all that important snoozing of course!  I hate being ill, don’t we all, but when you work for yourself you really do feel the effects of being ill.  I didn’t manage much yesterday, part from a blog post, so today so far has been all about the important things like replying to emails and getting another sock knitting bag ready to send across the pond to America.  I’ve also been working on some cute new thank you notes to go in with my packages.

It’s 8am and Hubby has already trekked off to allotment and left me with the pugs who are in a very playful mood this morning.  Lola has been very clingy, probably partly because she knows I’ll ill but also because she loves having me sat on the sofa so that she can have endless cuddles!

Exciting things for today: my new shoes might arrive (lovely DM mary janes and I really hope they fit!) and I might start some stitching today because Saturday morning saw the arrival of a cute Sublime Stitching package.  I’ve ordered a few patterns for me and some girls from work, we all wanted the new ‘sexy librarians’ design!

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