This is usually the time that you see me post a million photos on Instagram as I have lots of newly printed fabrics to show as well as a few things made from them.  This week I’ve been busy with more printing but in the gaps, when the sun comes out, I’ve had the camera out. I’ve used some of the new fabrics for lampshade kits, so they needed photographing, but I’ve also been experimenting with capturing the drape of Thunderbolt and Deco to show the scale of the print if used for curtains or blinds.  This is my first attempt but I’ve already had ideas of how I can improve them, my first job will be to set up a curtain rail to hang the fabrics from.  I don’t think they are bad for a first attempt though, what do you think?

Lampshade Kits

Thunderbolt-lampshadeOrange-fabric Night-Deco Lemon-Thunderbolt Dusk-Thunderbolt All-fabrics

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