Well, I have finally decided to make a list of everything I need to knit and cross off the things I have actually (shock horror!) managed to finish. Thank goodness my family is computer illiterate or this post would spoil the whole surprise!

Mum – Knitted (then felted) bag from Rowan magazine 40 using Rowan Tapestry

Dad – Scarf using Rowan Country

Sister (or pressies for impending baby-bump) – Hat and Socks from Debbie Bliss Casmerino Baby 2 – Cashmerino Baby

Uncle – Socks using opal yarn

Hubby – Jumper from Rowan mag 37 using Rowan Scottish Tweed

So far I have only managed to finish my dad’s scarf and the baby hat and one baby sock. Unfortunately i’m currently suffering from the SSS (Second sock syndrome).  I do have quarter of my mum’s bag done but I’m trying to find the motivation to finish it at the moment. I have 78cm in stockinette stitch and at the moment I am hating it! The colour is lovely and the texture of the yarn is amazing but it’s a bit slippery to knit with, I think it’s the soya in the yarn. It is delightful to hold when knitted though so I’ll keep persevering.

Wish me luck!

Written by Sarah

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