Well, this week has been really busy!  It’s be a week of deliveries, being home alone and exciting moves!

Firstly hubby went to visit his parents at the weekend, they live in North Yorkshire now so he went to pay them a little visit and have his much needed dose of meat. (Hubby doesn’t share the same vege ethics as me!)

So I was home alone with the pugs all weekend, a fact that they made me well aware of.  This was what greeted me as I got ready to go out to my physio appointment last Friday…

How cruel am I?  Abandoning such cute little furry beasts?  They really are very good at the guilt thing.

I’m not the greatest fan of being on my own at night (what a whimp) but we did quite well actually and the puggies of course kept guard against wolves and monsters!

Then on Monday we moved hubby into his new studio!!! This is definitely the most exciting news of the week.  We are so happy that he has finally got a space of his own and even though he hasn’t finished his MA yet he is now nearer to uni and will be able to work with his own tools in his own space.  Of course that means that the attic is a little clearer now which is great although he is still keeping his computer in there but since the move around I have a lot more room and definitely feel a little more organised.

I’ve had tonnes of  exciting deliveries this week as I’ve ordered a few new supplies and a very cute mini pink fridge.  How sweet is this?

It’s an eco fridge!  It uses no refrigerant at all – how fab is that?  I’ve bought it to store my photo emulsion in because we can’t keep it in the fridge downstairs any more and it’s better to have it nearer to my work anyway so I’m not climbing up and down all day long.

Apart from that I’ve had some Ellie Poo paper which I’m using for some packaging and I’ve got some fabric and new ‘Plain Jane Textiles’ stitched labels on the way.  The only problem is that I’ve been in work when all the deliveries have been arriving so poor hubby has had to stay at home to wait for them.  That’s my only gripe with ordering things wholesale, the fact it has to come via a courier!

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Those puggies are adorable. My dad’s girlfriend has one and she is planning on getting a second one – seems like one cutie is not enough.

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