I can’t believe it’s been such a long time since my last post, this week has just gone by in a whirl and I had no idea that it had been so long!  The fair last Saturday went well although it was a little quiet, probably because of the poor weather more than anything! It was just nice being in a lovely Christmas bubble though, I’d been finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit so a day full of carols, Christmas decorations and twinkly lights was just what I needed.

I’ve also been off work this week because it was my birthday yesterday so I’ve booked a few days holiday which mean that I’ve had over a week off work, I’m not back in until Thursday now.  The only problem is that I know I wont want to go back to work, I’ve been really busy this week just catching up on business things and I don’t want to go back to my ‘other’ work because frankly I have too much to do!  We went to York on Friday to celebrate me getting another year older (not sure I really want to celebrate that though!) I’m now 28 and becoming increasingly aware that I’d rather be doing something more with my life.  I’d love to go back to university to be honest, to study what I should have studied originally; textiles.  This just isn’t possible though, hubby doesn’t finish his MA until 2010 and I’m the only earner in our family so I need to keep working so that we can live basically, which means that I wouldn’t be able to even think about going back to study until I’m 30.  To be honest though I’m not sure that even a that point we’d have enough money for me to be able to do that because it means hubby would finish uni and he’d have to start earning a 2 person wage immediately!

Sorry, am getting a little fed up now, will change track a little.  I’m also busing preparing for the Affordable Vintage fair which is on the 6th December, me and my friend Emma have a table in the Create, Make and Customise area, more details to follow nearer the date.

Again this is a very boring post with no pretty pictures to show you.  I took my camera to the fair, then to York and took absolutely no pictures!  I even helped hubby at the Open Studios this weekend and again, took no pictures!!!!  How useless am I?

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You better go and get making some glasses cases, come april the orders will come flying in!!


oooh, overeager with the submit button there….then you might be able to afford to go back to uni!

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