Monday was a really exciting day – I had a lovely big delivery!  My washout booth arrived and also 5 new screens, things don’t get any more exciting than this!  I was at the library in the morning so had to rush in to town to wait for my delivery, I just made it!

Things were a little stressed for about 20 minutes as I watched my hubby and handy studio manager Stuart struggle to get it up 2 floors but they say it looked harder than it was.  You should have heard the noise though, the galvanised steel made it sound like thunder rumbling through the building!

Here is the booth all in place:

All it needs now is to be plumbed in – in the meantime that’s what the orange bucket is for! Excuse the extremely dirty floor – it’s not really dirt but photo emulsion!

Here are my pretty new screens:

These are the largest screens I’ve ever printed with and I can’t wait to pull my first print from them.  I usually make up my own screens but the size of these meant that I couldn’t do them myself so I’ve have them made up for me instead, they’re also my first aluminium screens, my usual ones are homemade wooden ones.

Again I have to say a HUGE thank you to SENTA, those of you who’ve been following my blog will know that my washout booth wouldn’t be here without help and a microgrant from SENTA!

Written by Sarah



I am extremely jealous of your washout booth. I’m absolutely desperate for one. It looks huge! Is there any chance you could send me some details are to where one could procure? Love your site too, it’s a real pleasant visual environment.



Jo Barber

I have been looking everywhere for a washout booth – yours is fantastic. Where did you get it from?

I have just found your blog and it is very interesting for someone like me who is planning to set up a screen printing studio.

Best wishes,

Russell Reid

Hi Sarah,

Everyone seems to love this washout booth!

Could I also be cheeky and ask where you purchased it?
I’m moving studios soon and this is exactly what I’m after.

Love your blog!



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