I’ve been busy packing.  We move studios 2 weeks tomorrow and we have a LOT to pack up.  I decided to start this weekend so we came in on Sunday and whilst Owen did his accounts I started to fill up lots of boxes.  I’ve packed up 10 boxes so far and they are mainly full of books, it’s only when you start boxing books up do you realise you have your own huge private library.

I’ve also been busy dealing with orders as I had a nice little flurry this week of sales to post the good old US of A.  Then there was the Christmas Crackers application to finish off and post and also gathering stock ideas for a new gallery opening in the Lake District.  Yesterday I had a little break from the studio and popped to see my good friend Gemma in Rotherham to pick up a few pieces of furniture for my new studio.  She’s given me the most perfect foot stool which I’m going to use for reupholstering in some of my fabric for photo shoots, I’m really excited about that.

So there is an equally busy week to come – I have a few more custom orders to print, some products to send next week to the new gallery stockist and then the rest of the time will be spent packing up the studio.  I’m not one for wishing away the days but I’m getting very excited about our big move and so I can’t wait for the 25th to come.


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