I bet bloggers all over the UK are writing about the gorgeous weather today. It’s been the warmest and sunniest day so far this year today and what a lovely surprise it is.  Sunday was a gorgeous day too which was good because me and the hubby went to visit the Nether Edge Farmers market and Craft Fair.  It was a lovely day and a gorgeous event.  I went to visit for another reason too, 3 sellers who are going to be at our Spring Fling Fair were there so I went down to say hello and deliver some flyers.

So with another gorgeous day today I don’t feel like staying in and doing some work but I have to unfortunately because I have lots of things that still need making for the fair.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I’ve finally finished double printing all the glasses cases I printed up last week.  I had to wait until I’d done my new glasses screen because my old one was too small and meant it took me twice as long to print up each piece unfortunately.  I hope eventually to be doing all of these pieces in large prints which I then cut up – can’t see that happening anytime soon though, although my new big printing table is getting there slowly!

Here is the view from my attic window, I love being able to have the window open wide and let all the sunlight into my workroom.

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