I had a sewing disaster today, let me say now that I hate rubbish sewing patterns!  I borrowed a book from a friend which has lots of lovely looking patterns in it, including the strappy top which I wanted to make but today I tried and it was a disaster.  Let’s forget for a second that I had to blow it up by scanning the pattern and then increasing the size on photoshop and tile printing it – that was the relatively easy bit.  The hard bit was following the flippin’ pattern!  How can they get it so wrong?  The pieces were labelled wrongly, they don’t match up and the instructions make no sense, needless to say I gave up in the end.

Thankfully I’m happy to say that my Colette patterns will be here tomorrow and I know I wont be disappointed by them.  I’ve heard so many great reviews about how easy they are to follow and the designs themselves are amazing.

I showed you the Rooibos dress the other day but I also bought the Sencha top, here it is:

Yesterday I bought some fabric in Coles to make this with, it’s a lovely vintage looking fabric and it’s only been in a few weeks.  I was hoping to find something to use it for and I think this pattern is perfect!

I think that’s me spent up for the month but this is what is on my list for next month:

This is San Francisco by Miroslav Sasek is a work of art.  It’s one of a series of ‘This is’ books which show Sasek’s wonderful illustration.  I’ve had my eye on This is London and This is San Francisco for a while, in fact I ordered them on Amazon a few weeks ago but had to cancel them as I’d spent up that month!  I will get one next month though and I’m going to start with this one.

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