Yesterday I had a very fruitful crafting day.  I exposed one screen when I got back from Yvonne’s on Friday night (it was sooooo late and I was super tired but I soldiered on!), and I did the other one first thing yesterday morning before I went to the cemetery. Both worked well and so yesterday was a bag printing day:

This is my Ladies print (I need to think of a better name!).  This is the same design I’ve used for my most recent pocket mirrors.

I’m really happy with how this print has come out, at the moment it’s just called Craft (sorry there isn’t a better pic).  I’ve changed the design quite a bit over the last few weeks because I wasn’t quite happy with it.  I think it works really well now.  I’ve printed both of these up in one of my new ink colours, chocolate, it’s a really rich brown and works really well with the cream of the cotton.

This is what my attic looked like by the end of the day:


Here is the screen, it shows the print a bit better…


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