Well, that’s it, my holiday officially ended today!  I have had 2 blissful weeks off work (library work and my own work) and today I threw myself back in to the land of creating!  I don’t go back to my other job until the end of next week so I have another 3 blissful days before meeting and greeting the general public.  Today though, it was back to business.

Today has been a day of making mirrors…

These are soooo cute!  I want one of these too but I already have one of the mirrors I made with my glasses print – how many mirrors does one girl need?  I also made some great ones with my larger ladies print – they came out really nicely, pics to follow tomorrow when the light is better for taking them!

I was a little dissapointed with myself though, me and the hubby had decided that from now on Sunday was to be known as ‘Dabble Day’ (dabble afternoon really but it doesn’t sound as good!).  We were both going to spend Sunday afternoons dabbling in something creative that is not to do with our work.  I decided that there were so many things I wanted to try in this crafty world of ours but that all my time seemed to be taken up with making things for my business.  So here it was, our day of dabbling to take us back to a time long forgotten when you could just craft for the hell of it!

It didn’t work though – because I went back to work today I got all panicky about the million things I have to make in the next 4 weeks before my next fair that I got totally carried away.  I’ve made a promise to myself to do better next week!

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