Well, after a delightful week off work I went back today.  Could I have picked a worse day to leave the house?  It absolutely chucked it down from the word go this morning and it still hasn’t stopped.  I had the usual lack of enthusiasm this morning for getting back into the old routine – even if it only was a morning shift.  Tomorrow is back to the good old 10 hour shift and I’m sure I’ll be a happy bunny by the end of it!  My bad back has reared it’s ugly head again and has been painful since Saturday.  I think it does it on purpose, especially seeing as I’m going on holiday in just over a week.  I absolutely ache and my sleep isn’t too good.  Still, I hate moaning which is why I wont so I’ll tell you about something else instead.

I got  few of my products up on Etsy this week, I can’t believe how long it has taken me to do that!  I feel like I can now that the craft fair is over and it’s not too dreadful if I sell anything and then don’t have enough stock to take to a fair!

I’ve also been busy making some mirrors just like the ones I gave away as prizes last week.  This time I am making strawberry ones, I’ve made about 30 so far so now I’m going to switch to another design.  Pictures coming soon.

Having some time off has also given me time to clear up and look what I’d forgotten I had…


I love Selvedge magazine!!  I had a subscription for a few years but had to stop because it’s a little expensive.  I got out the first edition and read it seeing as it was featuring Vivienne Westwood, after all we do have the exhibition here in Sheffield at the moment.  I think this copy came out when the exhibition opened in London about 4 years ago.  The articles are always good and the images are to die for!  Here’s a goal I’m setting myself – to get some work in there one day!  Who says you shouldn’t aim for the stars.

I also have a really exciting find to share with you…

Sewing books

Ok, what’s so exciting about some books you ask?  Well these are special dressmaking books from the 1930’s!  They were written by the Women’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences and cover a range of different subjects.  One of my mum’s best friends had them, they were her mothers and she decided that I would most benefit from them.  How lovely is that?  There isn’t quite a complete set, 2 books are missing which they are still looking in the attic for.  At the moment I am dipping in to ‘Sewing for Profit’ – maybe I’ll get some tips!  People can be so generous can’t they?

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