I’ve been taking things a little easy since the Spring Fling craft fair.  There was so much work involved in all the organising, it sounds like I’m complaining but I’m not – it was great and I would (and will be!) doing it all over again but I’ve really enjoyed having a break over Easter.  Now it’s all go again and back to work, especially back to my own work!

My stock levels on some items have got really low, my knitting bags especially.  Plus I have a large order for a knitting website to do so I have to replenish my stock over the next day or so!  I’ve supplied my products to other sellers and shops before but this is a nice big order with a really lovely company so it made a good start to the week.

We also have a visitor this week in our house, meet Digby:

Digby belongs to someone I work with who is in Florida for the Easter hols so Digby has come to have a home with us for a week.  He’s a lovely dog, very lively but a big softy!  He also seems to have taken a real shine to Ruby – poor little thing!

So with our new and very excitable visitor in the house this week has been quite an eventful one!  Plus the pink birkis came out again this week.  I officially declare the weather to be improving if my Birkenstocks have found themselves back on my feet again!  I think I was feeling very summery because I’d been making some more of my glasses cases again.  The Country Living edition with my cases in is supposed to be coming out soon – think it’s next month or the month after – it feels like it’s been ages since I first sent them off to be photographed!  So I’ve been trying to make some more just in case, they look like a little dose of summer don’t they?

I’ve swapped the main fabric to a gorgeous hemp and cotton mix now, it’s really lovely fabric and a little thicker than the calico I used in the last batch, plus even friendlier to the environment of course!  The glasses cases are starting to re-appear in my Etsy, Artfire and Folksy shops from now!

Written by Sarah

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Joey Ramone

Digby looks like a lovely doggie, you know I had a dream about a dog a few nights ago which strayed into our house (which was by the seaside and in a wood of course), it was really clingy and tried to tell me it’s name but I couldn’t understand him, it sounded like “maa-maa”. Sweet doggy.
Joey x

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