I’ve ground to a halt over the last week or so, thank goodness I have all my blog posts written a week in advance and ready to go.  I had my last wisdom tooth out a week last Monday and so felt pretty crappy for a day or two, then I felt better, got up and had my hair cut and went back to work.  It was a little bugger to get out though, it had funny little roots that looked like feet, needles to say, my little tap dancing tooth was very cute.  Then on Thursday it all started to go downhill, lots of nerve pain and swelling.  So that led to me spending the whole weekend in bed, not eating much and the pain killers doing nothing to help my awful headache and terrible jaw pain. I dragged myself up on Monday though and went back to the dentists.  Yup, there was a problem, but nothing a dressing and antibiotics couldn’t fix in a few days.  Needless to say I feel a little better but I still have an awful headache and pretty sore mouth so am taking things easy until it all clears up.

This is the only thing I hate about being self employed though, no work means no money and so a good week out of work is not a good thing!  I now have to work my socks off for the next few weeks to catch up.

Here’s a little homage to my last wisdom tooth from one of my favourite artists, I’m sorry you caused a bit of fuss when you left but I’m glad you’ve gone.

Wisdom Tooth Print 8×10 by The Black Apple



Written by Sarah



I remember one of mine being taken out ~ the aftermath was so horrible that I am putting up with another one growing the wrong way in the bottom jaw rather than do it all again … not much wisdom in it at all! Lovely site, hope all comes right for you soon ~ teeth, funding and all! x

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