Sorry I’ve been very quiet lately.  I’ve been in a self imposed internet hibernation as it’s taking longer than I expected to get things in order in the studio, plus I’ve had my head down finishing the designs for my new metre collection.  The good news is that the table top is now on, it just needs fixing.  I also have a new cutting table which I never had room for in the old studio.  It may not sound very exciting but believe me, it will make the world of difference to have separate tables for printing and cutting fabric.  There are still shelves to put up, a make shift plan chest to build and screen storage to design and make, but it’s definitely getting there.

The three fabric designs are done and I’m really happy with them, now I just have to wait patiently as they are made into screens.  I love and hate this bit, I always get a bit nervous as you don’t know exactly how the fabric will look until it’s printed for the first time.  The first thing I’m going to do is print up a small amount in each colour way so I can get the photography done as all of the lovely peeps who invested in my Crowdfunder bid get first dibs on their chosen design and colours.  Once their pre-orders are all in I might start listing the fabric for pre order in my Etsy shop, it depends whether I think that some might be more popular than others at that stage.

Lola is settling into the new studio nicely, she has been a bit wobbly as she always goes a little funny when we move, but she seems to be making herself more at home now.  As you can see, she’s loving the studio sofa.

Written by Sarah

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