We had a lovely day out yesterday afternoon, we went for lunch at Nether Edge and then walked towards Eccy Road.  We even took the camera out with us so we could take some lovely pics of how beautiful autumn is.

All of the leaves are really falling off the trees now, I love this time of year!  We also found some gorgeous Holly and Ivy and couldn’t resist taking this picture.

Hubby likes using all the posh functions on the camera, I’m better with a manual SLR, all these digital functions just confuse the hell out of me.  Later we played around with the timer and managed to get some pictures of the two of us sat on a wall in the botanical gardens so that was good.  I’ve rambled on before though about how camera shy I am though so this is as good as it gets…

These are our eco shoes in action.  Mine are the trainers and they are made by Simple, hubby’s are made by Patagonia.  Very comfy, pretty and kind to the environment, what more could you want?

All this gazing at nature inspired me to come home and carve the living daylights out of a speedy stamp!  I tried a button first and then regretted it because of the curves!  It actually didn’t work out too bad, I then decided to jump in at the deep end and do my little lady illustration that I put on my scarf tags.  That actually worked a lot better so I was well chuffed.  I am working with teeny tiny rubber stamp ink pads though so I think it might be time to up the anti and buy some ink and a rolling tray.  I have the roller but nothing to put the ink in.  I nearly bought one when I put this last order in but then I thought I’d just see how the stamping went and whether I enjoyed it or not.  I do!!!  Here are my first attempts:

I cut two different stamps, one for the block colour background and then the other for the detail.  I really like the result.  I think this stamping malarky could get very addictive.  I just have to remember that I still have lots of other work to do that’s all.  I do like the fact that I can get a totally different look to my screen printing which is very neat and full of clean lines, this has much more of a roughness about it but I like it!

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