Well, it finally came around, Art in the Gardens went ahead, in spite of the weather!  Actually the weather wasn’t too bad, Saturday was a bit rainy and then Sunday was glorious until about 3:30pm when the heavens opened and the rain was torrential!  Thunder and lightening came along for the ride too.

Here is a nice picture of everything looking pretty before the rain…

We got there really early and so we had plenty of time to set up and drink a flask of hot chocolate.  Hubby then snook off to Eccy road to get us a couple of breakfast sarnies whilst I took a few more pictures:

On the right hand side of the stall I hung a set of hooks to hang the bags up, they were really popular, especially the craft and ladies print (which I’ve renamed ‘Glamour’).

Here are my mirrors looking all pretty with the new packaging:

I was working hard on the display last week and this was part of it, Birdie as we’ve so imaginatively called her, was watching over the stand all weekend.  You wouldn’t believe how many kids came past and asked if she was real!!

Written by Sarah

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