I’ve been neglecting the blog this month – what with all the printing that has been going on around here – so I’ve joined up for the Blog every day in May quest.  Here is post number one which eases us in gently with just a little introduction in five lines.

Hi, I’m Sarah a 32-year-old Sheffield lass.

I’m blonde, fairly short and I own 10 pairs of spectacles (I am actually short-sighted, I’m not just wearing them because I love glasses THAT much.  Actually forget that, I do.)

I adore fabric (ok, that one was obvious) and am obsessed with colour (again with the obvious).

I love pugs and have an adorable 9-year-old sweetie called Lola who can be found snoozing in the studio.

I’m a sci-fi/fantasy nut (go on, ask me a question about Buffy, Star Wars or LOTR)

– Until tomorrow evening peeps.

Me and Ruby


Written by Sarah



AW pug love! she’s so cool, gd luck with this month. I really will try hard to stick to it. we will see. So looking forward to following ur posts. x


Me too, it’s definitely going to be a challenge but I’m sure we’ll enjoy it :) I look forward to seeing your posts too, you have a lovely blog!

Beth @plasticrosaries

Love your hair, dress and beautiful doggy accessory in the photo ;). Pugs are my favourite breed and I am committed to getting a pair (Reggie and Margaret) when my children are grown up so in 18 years time!
Look forward to reading your other BEDM posts :)


Hi Beth – thank you very much and I love the pug names! We had ours picked out way before we got our pugs too :)

Thanks to you too Helen, it’s about the only picture of me I can stand and it’s very much improved by having a pug in the shot of course ;)

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