Not a word I know but still, you get the idea!  We’ve not had an allotment update in a while have we?  That’s because not a lot has happened really, the courgettes are growing nicely, the potatoes have all been dug up and stored and the strawberries have all gone!  So not content with having nothing to do the hubby has decided to go all Rambo-esque and attack the wilderness that is the bottom of our allotment, he also attacked the hedge with gusto and cut it right down.  Hedges on allotments are supposed to be about 5 feet tall – ours was about 8 feet, after all, it hadn’t been cut in about 3 years apparently!


I can’t believe the difference it’s made to the allotment, it should give us a lot more light too.  Only problem is that now next door needs to cut his as it’s taller than ours!

Have you noticed you can also see the bottom of the allotment now?  Hubby had a big fire yesterday morning (apologies to the residents of Bannerdale!) and now we actually can see how big our allotment is!


So whilst he’s been busy doing that, I’ve been busy doing this…

New screen

This is the tautest, tightest screen on the block – here it is, freshly washed and happily waiting to be coated and exposed!  This is going to be another fabric one and I have a cute new design for it too – more later!

Written by Sarah

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