I can’t tell you how chuffed I am that my site is all back to normal!  For weeks now I’ve not been able to put paragraphs in without faffing about with the code for ages and even then it wouldn’t work all the time!  All it took was an update which I have now finally done and I’m so relieved.  The site did go down for a little bit so if anyone tried to have a peek and couldn’t that’s why!

Ok, back to normal now…

Aren’t these sweet!  I love cute little baby knits, and not just for the fact they knit up nice and quickly!


I’ve finally delivered them now to my friend and they went down a storm.  I wrapped them up nice and cute in some of my printed knitting wrapping paper and they looked cute as a button.  I’m still working on the striped baby hat but things are getting busier and busier now as time is slipping away from me for the craft fair.

Talking of craft fairs, there are only a few weeks to go now and I have almost sorted out another one for September I think, I’m just waiting for it to be confirmed.  Here is the current stock I’m taking to the fair, with maybe a few other things thrown in for good luck!

Craft fair bits and bobs

It’s been a purse week this week and I’ve nearly made them all.  I really like the way the print has turned out, all I have to worry about now is whether other people like them too!

Some other exciting developments this week; I’ve put my name down on a waiting list for a studio!  Will let you know how that works out in a hundred years or so!!  The list is really long!  I can dream can’t I?  I think my best bet is to wait for the hubby to get a studio and then I can have more room in my attic for all my things.


Written by Sarah



Nope, Debbie Bliss strikes again!! I did credit it in an earlier post but forgot to mention it again – silly me!

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