This week has meant a huge change for me, after 1.5 years I’m no longer working at Folksy.  This is an odd experience for me, I’m no stranger to work, I’ve been in work constantly since I was 16.  I LOVE working, I love the different mix of people, being part of a team and the variety of a job.  In fact I loved my job at Museums Sheffield so much that I took on full time work whilst in my first year at uni (don’t ask me how I did that, it’s all a bit of a blur!) So you can imagine how odd I feel right now, not only do I feel the loss of working somewhere I really loved but what do I do with myself the rest of the time?

I’ve run my own business since 2007 and have steadily built it up over the years but I have always had to work at another full time or part time job, I would love to get to the point when my business can sustain me enough to pay the bills but with our little Edwardian house in desperate need of restoration (and the odd ceiling/floor) then having another income is even more important.  So now I’m officially on the lookout for a new job so please keep your eyes peeled for me.

In the meantime I’m printing as much as I can and spending time on getting my poor neglected Etsy shop fully stocked again, I have plenty of fabric and inks in stock so I’m keeping myself busy with that.  I’m determined to make the most of it and remain optimistic about the future, I’ve always wished I had more time to spend in my studio as I’ve torn myself in several different directions, and now I do.

I wondered if I should also take this opportunity to do a few of those things that I haven’t had time to do, like clothes making.  I used to make quite a few things for myself but then stopped to give myself time to lose some much needed weight.  Now I’ve done that I have some lovely patterns and fabrics just waiting for me.  (Thank goodness I bought all the needed supplies when I did!)

Here is what I have planned (excuse the Alice in Wonderland photo arrangement, I couldn’t resist!)

I’ve raved about Colette patterns before (and probably even mentioned all 3 of these before) so here is my chance to make them, I have the patterns and the fabric so there is nothing to stop me now.


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