I am contemplating knitting a case for my shuffle. I have thought before about knitting a case for my ipod but that isn’t too daft an idea as they are a substantial size, but am I being a bit daft with my shuffle?

Also it’s lime green, not an easy colour to complement. Another issue; do I risk turning my nice ultra sleek piece of modern technology into a tea cozy fit for grandma? Needless to say, my grandma wouldn’t have even known what to do with the thing and upon finding out how much it cost would have repeatedly told me to not take it out and to stop buying things that are so easy to steal. She had an obsession with telling me to zip my bag up, keep my purse safe, and to always wear a bag that would fit safely over my shoulder and therefore I could keep it close to myself for fear of someone stealing it. Even now, whenever I go anywhere crowded I can hear her saying it. I just hope she is happily looking down on me from above and not moaning to everyone up there that I never zip my flippin’ bag up! Which I don’t by the way!

Will mull over the knitted shuffle sock in my sleep. How about a nice orange and lime striped one?

Written by Sarah

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