Today has been a funny old day and a sad one.  Today would have been my grandma’s 87th birthday, unfortunately she died suddenly 3 years ago and none of us have ever really gotten over the loss.  She was the only grandparent I ever knew and for most of my childhood she lived just around the corner from us which was lovely!

My grandma taught me to knit which I will always be grateful to her for, knitting was one of the things that really made me realise I wanted to make creating my business.  I always used to make all my grandma’s birthday cards and would always make her a special grandmother’s day card because I thought mother’s day should be for grandma’s too!  I used to make most of her presents too.  Now I hardly give anyone a present that I haven’t made myself!

Me and hubby went to take some flowers to the cemetery first thing which always makes me feel sad.  I like to go up before my mum and uncle so that I can give everything a good clean and get rid of any of the old flowers.  I don’t want them going up there and seeing the headstone dirty!

This is my grandma, the picture was taken in the late 1950’s…

I always have a little natter to her when I’m up at the cemetery and told her I was doing well and was happy and that my business was doing well.  I know that a lot of what I’ve done with myself is thanks to my grandma and my mum who encouraged my making and put up with so many dodgy looking craft presents for so many years!




Written by Sarah

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