Today I have decided to start my spring clean early.  Have you ever had those days when everything needs to be cleaned?  Well, I’m having one of those days today.  I’ve even been outside and cleaned the windows – I should have done a before and after – you should have seen the muck!  That’s one of the reasons I have living on a traffic busy road!

Today though has been a lovely sunny day so I’ve been doing the washing and hanging it outside for the first time since last October.  There is nothing like line dried washing is there?

Ok – knitting… Here are how the gloves are progressing:

John's gloves

I worked on them on Saturday mainly but I really should get a move on or it’ll be Friday and I’ll have no pressie to deliver!

After today’s mamouth cleaning session I finally got around to covering my blanket box.  I’ve had the box since I was at uni (5 years ago), I’ve had the fabric and foam for about a year!  Isn’t that shamefull?  The poor thing is half painted too and has just sat at the bottom of my bed looking pathetic.  It looks better already though.  I just need to finish painting it now.  I have a lovely warm cream colour, it’s a gorgeous Farrow and Ball paint and I think it’ll add a touch of class to the bedroom – goodness knows it needs it!

Blanket box

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