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It’s 5 days until we move into our new studio, can you tell I’m excited?  We have lots of boxes packed up but I’ve left all the essentials out to do some last minute printing.  To be on the safe side though, I’m popping my Etsy shop on holiday from Monday next week so if you need anything before then make sure you order before the end of Monday.  Once the studio is put back together then my shop will back up and running.  I’m not sure how long it’ll take me but I’m hoping it will be less than a week.

Once I’ve moved in I’m so excited about getting my table finished.  I’ve ordered the material for the top and hope to have the table all finished in a couple of weeks.  I’ve been working with a tiny table for quite a while now, my printing space is around 1 x 2 metres.  In my old studio I had a space 2 x 2 metres so it’ll be a massive jump to go from this to 2 x 6 metres!  The big change will be that it’ll make me so much more productive as I’ll be able to print more fabric in one go and that’s even before I start printing by the metre.  This week I also placed my basecloth fabric order with the mill for the first metre run of my printed fabrics.  It’ll be a while before that arrives though so I have time to get my designs right, screens made and then fit some practice time in too for the new larger screens.

I’m now also making plans for the next few months ahead and trying to see past this first collection which should be ready in September/October time.  For the first print run of around 75 metres, my husband will be helping me print but he runs his own business too and is very busy at the moment with a public artwork commission, so it’ll be a case of fitting in the printing where we can.  I need to think a little further ahead though and so am starting to plan for the idea of getting someone else to help me with the printing on a regular basis.  It would be for 1-2 days a week at the most for now, although I’ll know more when I’ve completed my first run at the end of the summer. Printing experience isn’t essential but would be handy.  If this sounds interesting to you then get in touch with me at the usual email address, thanks.

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Joanne Cross

that does sound very interesting, having given up my boring financial job i am even available immediately. Annoyingly, I live in Edinburgh



I would love to put myself forward for this especially as I am moving to Sheffield in September but I have no experience (never screen printed before at all) so I may hinder you rather than help :(


Hi Kristy, thanks for getting in touch. I wont be making any decisions about this for a couple of months anyway and printing skills aren’t essential but a willingness to learn defintiely is! My email is hello [at]


Ha ha! Would you really want to commute to Sheffield that often Gemma? Or could I use it as ammunition to get you to move here!!! :) x

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