Hooray!  I made my 20th sale on Etsy last night!  One of my lovely repeat customers bought another couple of knitting bags and to say a big thank you I sent her a little gift of my appreciation.  I’m not counting combined sales with both my Etsy shops of course, I’ve only got 4 sales in my jewellery shop although one of those was a special customer order this week which is on it’s way to Canada.  Have I blabbered on about this before?  I was thinking of trying to map out my customers across the globe.  Somewhere I know does this and has a huge map up on the wall of their shop showing little pins from all around the globe, I like the idea!  I need a virtual one of course though!

Written by Sarah



Is it the fudge shop in York?? They’ve got one. It’s near the minster somewhere. Go check it out!

Did you get my message on Etsy? I knew you’d hit 20 in no time! In fact it was a day wasn’t it! WELL DONE! I’m holding out for 7…any minute now….


No it’s one in Sheffield – had no idea the fudge shop had one! Will go and have a nosey when I go next week!
Thanks for the congrats hun, you’ll be racing ahead of me in no time! First one to get to 50 is a rotten banana!

Cathy Anderson

WOw! That’s a very good sale. Congrats to you. Anyway, you really have great blog. I like the theme, so comfy and so attractive to the eyes. Now wonder even just by looking at your blog it can already attract customers but also aside from of course great quality of your products. Congrats again!

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