New colours

Knitting Print Fabric

I’ve had quite a few orders of the Knitting print fabrics over the past few days in my shops, wonder where that came from?  Maybe I’ve been linked from somewhere.

It’s got me thinking though, I really should print these in some other colours (and also I’m contemplating getting a metre screen made for this print).  What colours would you like to see this print in and would you buy this fabric by the metre?

Fabric Friday – Metres of fabric

Pods Fabrics

Another of my old favourites will shortly be available by the metre, this time it’s Pods.  I won’t be adding this design to the new Spring collection though, instead it’ll stand alone as an archive design and will be printed up in a new range of colours plus some old favourites too.

The idea was to gradually introduce some of my favourite designs to make them into metre screens, whilst also giving them a little makeover.  Bird Brolly was the first and now I’m wondering what will be the next design to make it to metres, here are a few suggestions, which is your favourite?

Bows Print




English Insults

English Insults



New designs…

Two new screens arrived today, I always get really excited when this happens!  I couldn’t wait to get a sample print from each screen done so I popped on my apron and got started straight away, the result was 15 new pieces of fabric.  The first design is called Pods, it’s been sat in my sketchbook for quite a while now which is very naughty of me!  I love this design and new it would work as a screen as soon as I sketched it.  I printed this up in Sunshine Yellow and Forest Green:

The second screen was actually an alteration on an older design called Knitting.  Knitting was the very first design I created back in 2003, before I even started screen printing!  For the last 3 years I’ve used the design to print on fabric to make up knitting bags.  I decided a long time ago though that I would love to have this as a fabric so I’ve made some changes to the design and made the print smaller so that it can be used for various craft projects.  I printed this up in Navy Blue:

Both designs are now available in my Folksy shop and will soon be in my Etsy shop too – lots of new colours coming soon too!  I hope you like them.