New colours

Knitting Print Fabric

I’ve had quite a few orders of the Knitting print fabrics over the past few days in my shops, wonder where that came from?  Maybe I’ve been linked from somewhere.

It’s got me thinking though, I really should print these in some other colours (and also I’m contemplating getting a metre screen made for this print).  What colours would you like to see this print in and would you buy this fabric by the metre?

Sheffield inspired prints

A few months ago I started work on some Sheffield prints which would form part of the work to be submitted for Christmas Crackers this year.  One of the prints had been a long time coming, it’s a follow-up to my English Insults print.  English Insults still proves to be one of my more popular prints and is inspired in part by my love of comic books.  I created it whilst working for the libraries and had great fun coming up with the insults.  This time my new print Sheffieldish is inspired by a quiz we took at school, in fact most children growing up in Sheffield have probably taken the same quiz.  It’s a list of phrases written as they are spoken in a Sheffield accent which as kids we then had to decipher, I’ve combined it with a few of my favourite Sheffield words such as Spice, Shunkley and Jennel to create the finished design.  The print is also inspired by another of my loves which is letterpress printing.  The design was created as a fabric print but it also fits neatly on a tea towel so I’ve decided to print up a few of those too.  If anyone is interested in buying one I’ll add a couple to my Shop, they probably wont make it onto Etsy as they are so specialised, but I’m crossing my fingers they get chosen for Christmas Crackers.


Sheffieldish tea towel

The second print is a little bit of fun I just couldn’t resist. I found the phrase in a book about Sheffield language, the book is written by an old family friend and I hope he approves when he sees the print.  I’m not sure what this print will end up on but here it is on a t-shirt for my dad, part of his Father’s Day present.

Sheffield Watter

Autumn Winter, rub tests and other things

AW13 Colours

AW13 Colours

It seems a strange time to be thinking about an AW collection seeing as we are having such glorious weather here in the UK but that’s what I’ve been doing.  The past 2 weeks have been spent getting sample screens made, choosing and mixing the colours and then printing up some samples.  I then packaged those up to be sent down to London last week in time for an important deadline.  I’ve also been busy finishing a wholesale order which also got posted to the USA last week, the Parcel Force guy is getting to know my studio building really well.

I’d love to share the samples for the AW collection with you now as I’m very proud of the new designs, but seeing as it’s summer and the weather has finally caught up with the season let’s just enjoy that for the time being and I’ll share them with you in a few weeks time.  You can see a sneak peak of the colours above, in addition to those there is also Plum, Chocolate and Emerald.

Another batch of fabric was sent to the heat setters this week and so has been listed in my Etsy shop, the long-awaited Trinity is finally here and I’m so glad to get the whole collection back together after the whole screen damage fiasco.

Trinity in Emerald

Trinity in Emerald

Trinity in Tomato

Trinity in Tomato



Also included in the batch was the first of the new upholstery range which I’m very excited about.  I have a few coloured base cloths for this range as well as an eco bleach version, the first to be printed is a lovely Ice Grey colour which in some lights has tones of purples.  It’s a lovely strong fabric which is a blend of Hemp and Organic cotton and as it’s intended for upholstery I got the fabric put through the Martindale Test.  The test is an abrasion test which simulates the wear and tear of seat fabrics. General domestic fabrics rate at 15,000 – 25,000 rubs, this covers most interior household uses apart from furniture that will be subjected to everyday use, such as sofas, and chairs with fixed seats and backs. For heavy-duty use the rating should be 25,000 to 30,000 rubs, this kind of fabric can also be used for light commercial which is usually 30,000 and above.  The Hemp and Cotton mix rated at 26,000 rubs and the 100% Hemp at 28,000 rubs so I’m very happy with those test results as it means that the fabric will stand up to a good deal of use.

Here are the first of the upholstery fabrics, Rain Flowers is available by the metre and is 140cm wide including the selvedge.  Pods is available in panels 80cm tall by 140cm wide and is seen here in Graphite and Night.

Rain Flowers in Dusk on Ice Grey

Rain Flowers in Dusk on Ice Grey

Pods in Night Blue

Pods in Night Blue

Pods panels in Night and Graphite

Pods panels in Night and Graphite

Pods in Graphite on Ice Grey

Pods in Graphite on Ice Grey


Hand printed fabric swap III – The write up

I’m sooooo sorry that this has taken me so long to write about.  Firstly I was waiting until all the pieces arrived from my swap partners (which they did gradually over a period of about 2 weeks) and then things went crazy with all the new collection printing and so this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and write about the experience.

Firstly, a huge thank you to my wonderful swap partners.  I was a little intimidated by all my partners after a quick nosey on their blogs, plus the wonderful organiser Leslie was in my group, and that REALLY terrified me!  I was completely blown away by all of the fabrics though, they are just beautiful. I’m thrilled to have received them and now I’m thinking of turning them into 4 cushions for my studio, I can’t think of a nicer way to have a permanent reminder of this wonderful experience. So let me introduce you to all my partners and the wonderful fabrics they sent me…



Believe it or not, this is Krista’s first attempt at printing.  Yes, I know, I don’t believe it either but it’s true!  She sent me one large print in a gorgeous yellow as well as the smaller pieces you can see in the photo, the fabrics are a mix of block and screen printing.  I love everything about these, the prints, the colours and the base-cloths.  I can’t wait to see what Krista has planned next with her printing, I’ll definitely be watching.

Leslie – Maze and Vale

Maze and Vale

I LOVE this design, the combination of colours are beautiful and the design is so simple yet so striking.  The design was created by using stencils, you can read about on Leslie’s blog here.



Adrienne’s fabric piece delighted me by being in two of my favourite colours green and teal blue, here she has picked shades that go perfectly together for her stamped fabric.  I love the design, it works so well as a stamp and her layering works really well.

Kylie – Paravent Design


I had never discovered Kylie before the swap, she’s a fellow Etsy seller but you know what a huge pond Etsy is.  There are so many talented people on there, you’ll never find them all. I’m so glad to have found her work though because I instantly fell in love.  This design is block printed and I did see a sneak preview of the various designs she was working on via her blog, I hoped I would get this design as it was my favourite and so I was delighted when this arrived.

.    .    .    .    .

Now, onto my contribution to the swap, Spring Daffodils.  I really wanted to create a design that had a Spring feeling to it, especially as I was sending fabric to people outside of the UK.  I love daffodils, they are my favourite flowers, but I have never used them as inspiration for a print and so now was my chance.  I worked on a design for a number of days based on real life drawings of a bunch of daffies which my husband had bought me and were sitting brightening a corner of my studio. I knew from the start that I wanted this to be a multi colour print as that’s something I don’t get much of a chance to do in my everyday printing.

daffies-1 daffies-2daffies-3daffies-4

Overall I was happy with the results of my print, the only thing I was disappointed about though was that I ran out of time to do a special colour-way for each of my partners.  I had decided to print 4 different colour-ways based on the favourite colours chosen my each partner but I simply ran out of time.  It would have required a lot more printing sessions and with the new collection looming on the horizon I had to abandon the plan and stick to one set of colours to be printed for everyone.

I will definitely make sure that I take part in this swap again in the future, and next time I will prepare a little further in advance.  I spend so much of my time working nowadays, but doing something like this was really uplifting and made me realise that having some time out to just play and have some fun was really worthwhile.


Triumphs and disasters

This week has been another busy one as I’ve been printing custom orders and also printing the first small runs of the new collection which launches this week.  It’s been nice to get back in the swing of the metre printing, especially now that I have my swanky new screen storage which makes getting access to the screens ten times easier.  Here is what I’ve been up to…

Waves in Royal Blue

Waves in Royal Blue

Waves in Slate Grey

Waves in Slate Grey

Thunderbolt in Dusk

Thunderbolt in Dusk

Thunderbolt in Lemon

Thunderbolt in Lemon

Deco in Carrot

Deco in Carrot

Deco in Night

Deco in Night

It wasn’t all good news though, after a great printing session came a huge disaster.  Whilst we were getting Trinity ready for printing Owen’s hand slipped as we lifted the screen and it bashed onto the side of the printing table and ripped.

Ripped Trinity screen

Ripped Trinity screen

After a sit down and a good cry I pulled myself together and decided to try to raise some cash to replace it, I’d hate to miss out on including this screen in the next collection as it’s one of my favourites.

So here is the ‘oops I dropped something flash sale’ – I’m offering a huge 20% off everything in my shop for a limited time only, just until I can raise enough to replace the screen.  Just use the coupon code OOPS20 at checkout in my Etsy shop to claim your discount.  Here is a little reminder what the print looked like before the screen got damaged :(




Busy busy busy

Where did I go? Well, I’ve been running around like a crazy person and have had my fingers in a lot of pies which means I’ve left my poor blog neglected.

Here’s what’s I’ve been up to…

Pug fabric

1. Printing some custom fabric

Suitcases fabric

2. Printing some lovely new colours of older designs like Suitcases…

Bows fabric

3. …and Bows, here it is in the Red Skies colour way

Hand Printed Fabric Swap

4. Finishing the Hand Printed Fabric Swap pieces

The studio has also turned into a mess whilst we carry out some much needed work, I’m not going to shame myself by taking a picture of that to show you though.  By the end of the month I’ll have the following:

1. A purpose-built screen storage to house up to 17 full metre screens
2. Storage under my cutting desk to house fabric rolls
3. A new rubber topped printing desk for small prints and ink mixing, complete with storage underneath for inks.
4. Shelves on the wall for the library of books.
5. and FINALLY, study legs under my computer/sewing/drawing desk so that it doesn’t move around when I use the overlocker.

All of this plus printing fabric for the new collection debuting on the 15th April, it’s going to be a busy month!


Test printing the new designs

This week has seen the start of the test printing of the three new designs of the Spring/Summer collection.  I announced their names last week and now here is the chance to see a sneak preview of the designs themselves.  All three are test printed first on unbleached calico, the final designs are then printed on a gorgeous eco-bleach hemp and organic cotton mix fabric.

The first to be printed on Monday was Deco. I decided to print it up in Royal Blue as I’m thinking of a darker blue for one of the colours in the new collection so I wanted to see what impact the design would have in blue.

2013-03-18 13.27.46

2013-03-18 13.30.28

Next up on Tuesday was Thunderbolt and here is what happens when you’ve been staring at colour all week – I printed it up in red when I didn’t even have red on the list for this design. Doh!  I really like it in red now that I’ve seen it though.

2013-03-19 13.25.08 2013-03-19 13.26.14And last but not least, this morning started off with Trinity printed in Forest Green. Again, I’m thinking about a green for this print so I wanted to see what it would look like in a similar colour.

2013-03-20 08.24.17 2013-03-20 08.26.56

I’ve decided to go for three different colourways for the new designs but this time, one of the colours is going to be on a coloured base cloth.  So two will be on an eco bleach and the third on either a pale grey, green or orange 100% hemp or hemp and organic cotton mix fabric.

So that’s a mini introduction to Deco, Thunderbolt and Trinity, I hope you like them.

Bundles of fabric


Last week I was a very busy gal.  One thing I was determined to fit into my week though was finally putting some scrap packs of fabric together.  I have a huge pile of hand printed offcuts which I use for a variety of different things but my collection is now completely out of control so a sort out has been long overdue.

These new fabric scrap packs weigh around 80-100g and include many different pieces of fabrics in a variety of sizes.  The largest pieces are no bigger than 26cm x 17cm and the base cloths vary but will include a mixture of hemp, organic cotton, Irish linen and unbleached cotton.  All packs are £6.50 each.

I’ve listed these packs in Red/Pinks, Blues/Purples, Yellows/Oranges and Greens, just click on the photos to see the items on Etsy.

Here is an idea of the contents for the blues and purples pack…

blue-fabric-pack green-pack yellow-packFabric-pack-tied

Feedback from the visitors to my Facebook page said they’d like a mixture of both colour packs and randoms so I’ll be adding more packs to my Etsy shop as I sort through the fabrics.

all-4-colour-packs yellow-green-blue


What have I been up to?

I’ve gone very quiet, so where have I been?  Printing in the studio and ill in bed is the simple answer.  The last batch of fabrics were finished in a crazy 24 hour stint at the studio last weekend, we came in at 7am on the Sunday morning and left at 9am on the Monday.  Why did such a crazy thing occur?  Well, the fabric needed finishing to send to the heat setters on the Wednesday and I was very aware that I was coming down with the cold that had struck down my husband the previous week.  The only answer was to get it all done in one long session before I got too poorly so that’s what we did.  Needless to say, I went home and straight to bed and didn’t emerge until the Friday as my cold turned into a chest infection.  Whilst I was snoozing and coughing the fairies took the fabric to be heat set so on my return to the studio yesterday the cutting up could begin, here’s a sneak preview.

The last batch of Crowdfunder rewards are going out this week and the fabric will be up for sale in my Etsy shop too so if you have your eye on a particular print you wont have to wait too long.